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Car Parts


Located in the industrial hub of the National Capital Region, our sprawling manufacturing plant is buzzing with activity. To deliver on the promise of world-class quality, it is fitted out with top-notch infrastructure and state-of-the-art machinery. We possess highly sophisticated production equipment, testing facilities, and tool room technology, along with a metallurgical laboratory.


At our production unit, there is a single-minded approach towards churning out piece after piece of high-precision, practically zero-defect components. To achieve this, we ensure efficiency and time-saving techniques at all levels. A high degree of automation, such as in the balancing machine and riveting machine enables rapid production and thus a great turnaround time that exceeds customer expectations. Our in-house induction heating machine also facilitates high-speed rivet production.



Since we have stringent quality parameters in place, our testing equipment is equipped to fulfill all the necessary requirements of assembly and test measurements of our product line. Primary testing is carried out throughout the development phase. In addition, a proper traceability pattern is in place for providing transparent tracking of products.


The tool room, comprising the latest technological advancements, is designed to enable a seamless production assembly. A wire cut machine (1micron), VMC machine (2 microns), hydraulic grinder, radial drill and a 200-tonne power press join forces to offer the best-in-class technology.

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